Vulnerability Management as a Service

Proactive and continuous monitoring are a fundamental starting point to help secure and strengthen your IT estate. Developing your own security team to undertake these tasks on what is often a very limited budget is very challenging.

Designed for the NHS

Otlo can help, our highly skilled Virtual Vulnerability Management team are specialists in healthcare IT. We will work with you to define your most at risk areas, develop tools, techniques and strategies to monitor your estate, and we will work within your network and change windows to keep you protected.

“Not having a dedicated cyber security team is extremely challenging keeping our data and estate secure. We required a flexible and customisable service, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, that evolves as part of our cyber security strategy which. Otlo is delivering a service that provides assurance and peace of mind.”

Morné Beck, Head of IT I Digital Services, Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Vulnerability management as a service - how does it work?

We have designed our services like a menu so you can flex and scale the support you need from us as you require. Choose our Discover service for full asset visibility and vulnerability reporting. Choose our Manage service to scale support from daily, weekly or monthly monitoring of your estate. Or combine the two.


Using industry leading asset and vulnerability scanning technology, Discover provides full asset visibility, reporting, threat prioritisation and monthly CareCERT administration.


Vulnerability management under control

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