Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) is a specialist NHS hospital in East Grinstead, providing lifechanging reconstructive surgery, burns care and rehabilitation services for people across the South of England. Internationally renowned, and with a reputation for pioneering new and innovative techniques and treatments, the Hospital employs over 900 staff, and is responsible for the healthcare needs of over 7,600 people across Surrey, Kent and Sussex. 

We were tasked with assessing QVH’s current IT infrastructure, designing a scalable model for the future, and assisting the Trust in procuring the best potential solution within budgetary constraints. The project brief involved improving end user experience through faster, improved cabling and networks, providing easier, quicker and secure access to digital information (including patient records), building redundancy into the current infrastructure to improve business continuity, and creating a scalable platform which can be easily added to in the future without compromising performance or security. 

A digital platform was designed, procured and implemented which enabled QVH to deliver their long-term vision and strategy for the continual enhancement of patient care, specifically: 

The team took the time to really understand how the various departments within the Trust worked, and what was needed to improve efficiency and patient care from an IT infrastructure perspective. Their experience and collaborative approach were key to the success of the project, and helped us achieve our main goals of improving end user experience, building redundancy into our systems, and creating a scalable platform for evolving clinical and operational development.” IT Manager

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